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Gabe Bourdon

“I love Orleans. I grew up here and I’m raising my family here. I want to make life better for my neighbours today, and the future brighter for my kids. That means investing in the public services that really matter. As the next MPP for Orleans I will fight for better healthcare and senior care. Seniors deserve to live with dignity and care no matter the size of their bank account. Healthcare workers deserve respect and a government that will respond to their needs. And everyone deserves to access healthcare when and where they need it without having to pull out their credit card. It is time to reverse the damage done to healthcare and long-term care under the Liberals and Conservatives. It is time for an NDP government that will reinvest in our public healthcare system.”

Gabe Bourdon

Labour movement leader

Gabe is a leader in the local labour movement. His passion led to him founding and co-chairing the National Capital Region Young Workers Committee of the PSAC  

Part of the community

Gabe has lived in Orléans his entire life. He has taken an active role within the community. He currently serves as the Vice-President of the Saint-Joseph d'Orléans Elementary school council and is a life-long member of the Navan Curling club.

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